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The Magadan Region

The Magadan Region is the place where Russian morning starts. This is more than 460 thousand square kilometers of the pristine nature, mighty mountains, green forests and fast-flowing mountain rivers with clear water.
According to its natural resource potential, the Magadan Region is among the richest regions of Russia. In the bowels of the region, more than 11% of placer and 15% of ore gold are concentrated, and about 50% of silver from the total volumes of explored reserves of these metals in Russia. Our minerals, marine wealth, energy resources, labor, stable socio-political situation contribute to the development of trade and economic ties. In recent years, in the leading sectors of the economy, and in the region as a whole, there has been steady economic growth, a solid foundation for further development has been created. Today, the Magadan Region is one of the leaders in the extraction of precious metals in Russia. It occupies the 1st place: in silver mining, gold mining, in terms of the explored gold reserves and the 3rd place in gold mining. The large companies “Polymetal”, “Polyus”, “Arlan” are successfully working.
The largest gold extraction plant in the Natalka deposit is being prepared for launch. And in the depths, there are still many minerals
that will benefit the whole world and success for the investor. We pay special attention to the creation of a favorable investment climate and conditions for doing business. A special economic zone operates in the region, which provides its participants with a preferential tax regime and the status of a free customs zone. For organizations that implement investment projects in the territory of the Magadan Region, there is a special regime for taxation on corporate income tax and other preferences. Kolyma is the land of strong, independent and
enthusiastic people. Open for cooperation. Come to our Kolyma, see for yourself! This corner of the Earth is impossible not to love.