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Magadan region – one of the largest regions of Russia on potential resources of vein gold, one of the ten largest regions of the country’s reserves and potential resources of mineral raw materials. The main types of economically significant mineral resources include reserves of precious and non-ferrous metals, coal and lignite, peat, and hydrocarbons.

According to the North-East Interdisciplinary Research Institute on 01.01.2012, the valuation of natural resources in the Magadan region amounted to 124.6 trillion. rub. or 4 trillion. USD.

During the period from 1928 to the present, from the depths of the territory recovered more than 3 thousand. Tonnes of gold, about 8 thousand. Tons of silver, 72.2 thousand. Tons of tin, 744 tons of cobalt, more than 82 million. Tons of coal. An analysis of the domestic and international market trends operation of mineral raw materials for the territory defined by three main directions of development of mineral complex Magadan region:

  • further development of the gold mining industry, based on the involvement of practicing large and medium-sized ore deposits of gold and silver, while maintaining the level of placer gold at the level of 11-13 tons;
  • extraction and processing of energy resources (oil, gas, lignite, peat);
  • development of deposits of nonferrous metals (copper, zinc, tungsten, molybdenum, lead, tin) and iron, as well as non-metallic minerals (zeolites, volcanic ash, gypsum, gabbro, basalt, mineral water)

The main direction of which is realized in gold, this field development Yana-Kolyma gold province, located within the boundaries of Magadan Oblast and the Republic of Sakha (Yakutia), which consists of 14 ore objects. Reserves and probable gold reserves are around 5 thousand. Tons, 50 percent of them are already proven.

The most ambitious project of the Yana-Kolyma gold province is to build processing plant at the Natalka deposit with balance reserves of gold about fifteen thousand. Tons.

For the development of this and other fields Yana-Kolyma gold province must carry out the construction of a number of objects of energy and transport infrastructure. Chief among them – this is the completion of the Ust-Srednekanskaya 570 MW hydropower plant, the construction of several high-voltage lines of 220 kV and substations, reconstruction of the existing regional road to these fields. All of these sites require investment.

Further development of the economy of the region is also associated with the diversification of the main mining industry.

Geological studies in the region revealed several large fields and a large number of occurrences of non-ferrous metals, including copper, molybdenum, tungsten, zinc and others.

Geographically they are located in different parts of the region.

This is primarily Shamaniho-Stolbovskaya ore-placer district and Oroёkskaya metallogenic zone, located on the northern part Srednekansky district of Magadan region. Development of mineral deposits in these areas will begin the extraction of polymetallic ores and copper.

Development of fields in the South Omolon ore cluster and Rossoshinskogo ore-placer district, located in the Srednekansky, Omsukchan and North Even areas will be connected with the start of production of copper, iron and molybdenum. As part of these projects is projected construction of the South Omolon iron smelters and Oroekskogo smelter thus becomes possible to carry out the primary processing of raw materials in the region.

In the first quarter of next year will be held auctions for subsoil use a number of facilities for exploration at the expense of subsoil users. Among them Oroёk ore (copper) and Kunarevskaya promising area (zinc, lead, silver, copper, iron). In addition, the administration of the Magadan region sent proposals for inclusion in the list of subsoil on the Magadan region to provide for use on the 2014 South Omolon iron ore district, which consists of 10 properties, of which the most promising areas of the Upper Omolonsky and skarn.

One of the most important for the economy of the territory is the fishing industry.

The water area of the northern part of the Okhotsk Sea is the most productive areas of the oceans. It focuses almost a fifth of all Russian reserves of fishery resources, including tihookean¬skie salmon, pollock, saffron cod, flatfish (over 25 species), herring, capelin, halibut, cod. In the Okhotsk Sea is home to around 300 species of fish, among which are extracted as crabs, shrimp, trumpeters, squid. Seals inhabit everywhere – Akiba, Larga, lionfish, bearded seal.

Enterprises of the region annually produces more than 100 thousand. T of living aquatic resources. On fishing vessels and onshore plants were up to 90 thousand. Tons of fish, more than half of which is exported to the Asia-Pacific region, its structure pollock, herring, shrimp, crabs, trumpeters.

The industry faces challenges in the further development of fishery industry through the implementation of priority projects, such as:

  • reconstruction of existing and construction of new salmon hatchery;
  • restoration of marine and coastal seal hunting and the development of related industries in the region, including the design and construction of six specialized ice-class vessels, processing plants fur and skins, pharmacologic and cosmetic production, food and technical fishery products.

Rich in natural resources, abundant wildlife and fish, favor the development of ecological and adventure tourism. Excellent hunting and fishing, the opportunity to observe wildlife in natural conditions in our region attract tourists from different corners of the country and the world. There are opportunities for health and beauty trends. In the region in the fields of medicinal waters and mud since 1942 operates resort Melt, commonly known in the Far East.

In the sports area can offer the following projects: the construction of the ski stadium at Snow Valley and winter multi-purpose sports complex on the hill Marchekan which would include trails for cross-country skiing, skiing and snowboarding, as well as a complex of ski jumps.

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